Phil Ivey’s Biography, Height, Weight, Masterclass, Controversy and Lvey’s Poker Strategy

Phil Ivey's Biography, Height, Weight, Masterclass, Controversy and Lvey’s Poker Strategy

Phillip Dennis Ivey Jr. is a famous personality in the world of poker. His achievements include not only awards but also titles. Phil Ivey started playing at a very tender age and has made his name with his hard work and talent without Godfather in the industry. Many poker analysts and observers view him as the finest player. Not only his talent is revered, but his sense of humor is also appreciated.

Let’s delve into Phil Ivey’s biography to learn how he became a professional poker player and made his name and money in the industry. 

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Phil Ivey’s Background

Born on February 01, 1977, Phil Ivey showed interest in playing poker at a very young age and used to play on occasion in the local gaming clubs. He used to play here using a fictitious ID till he reached the legal age of 21. He used to play under the name of Jerome Graham, which later earned him the title of “No Home Jerome”. Ivey developed poker skills by playing with his co-workers at a telemarketing firm in the late 1990s in New Jersey. 

When he was only three months old, his parents, Phil Ivey Sr. and Pamela Ivey shifted from Riverside, California to Roselle, New Jersey. There, he completed his education at Old Bridge High School in New Jersey. 

Phil Ivey Biography

Date of BirthFebruary 01, 1977
Age 47 years
BirthplaceRiverside, California
Zodiac signAquarius
Profession(s)Professional poker player

Phil-Ivey’s Physical Appearance, Height, and Weight

Phil Ivey is a charismatic and attractive personality and he stands 5 feet 10 inches or 180 cm tall and weighs roughly around 154 pounds or 70 kilograms. Ivey has dark brown eyes and dark brown hair. But his name is not only limited to his physical appearance but more to his mind and his game-playing tactics. 

Height 5 feet 10 inches (180cm)
Weight 70kg
Hair ColorDark brown
Eye ColorDark brown

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Phil Ivey: Journey in the Poker World

Phil Ivey’s first breakthrough was winning the “Pot Limit Omaha” event at WSOP in 2000. By winning the tournament, Ivey became the first player to defeat Amarillo Slim head-to-head at a WSOP final table. 

He has a marvelous achievement record of winning 11 World Series of Poker (WSOP) bracelets, which led him to become one of the most distinguished players in the history of poker. His wins in different matches with various best players of the world show how versatile and talented he is.  

In his first win, he received a $2,500 PLO event for $195,000. After this win, he has never turned back and rose to more fame and money. Having earned his final bracelet in 2014 at the age of 38, he has become the youngest person to win ten WSOP bracelets.

He earned the title of “The Phenom” and “Tiger Woods of Poker” due to his inexplicable and unmatchable skill. Despite Ivey having advanced to multiple World Poker Tour final tables, he could not win. Finally, he won it to the final table at the LA Poker Classic at  Commerce Casino, defeating Phil Hellmuth and Nam Le. He also became an ambassador for the World Poker Tour in November of 2022.

Ivey has earned more than $38.3 million in live tournament victories as of 2023. In his live poker career, he has cashed 11 times for a minimum of $1 million. His WSOP cashes have accounted for over $9.2 million of his total winnings. On the all-time money list, he is in eleventh position.

Phil Ivey’s Personal Life

Phil Ivey was previously married to Lucietta. They got separated after being together for 7 years from 2002 to 2009. The couple filed for a mutual divorce in December 2009. 

He is currently living in Las Vegas. Apart from poker, his hobbies include sports betting and prop betting and he loves to play golf. He also participated in the World Series of Golf, where he landed fourth place. 

Ivey has done charity for social causes. He has donated money for underprivileged children and is also involved in programs like Feed the Homeless and Child Literacy. He has raised funds for the same in a charity poker tournament in 2008. 

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Ivey League: Phil’s Masterclass was launched on November 17, 2007. The website helped in access to video materials by prominent and professional poker players and coaches all over the world. In February 2013, Phil acquired the website intending to convert it to Ivey League. 

On January 28, 2014, Phil launched a poker training website that offers poker strategy videos from renowned professional players who serve as coaches. The list of trainers includes Cole South, Patrik Antonius, And Ivey himself, among others. Texas hold’em was also covered in training DVDs along with a broad range of other poker variations and subjects.

Ivey in Controversy

In 2012, a casino filed suit against Ivey for alleged breaches of contract. In 2014, a similar incident happened and again a casino filed a lawsuit against Phil; in both cases, the reason behind this was the fraudulent use of edge sorting. Various players employ a technique called edge sorting to find minute flaws in the patterns on the playing cards. By taking advantage of the flaws, players can learn more about the card and increase their chances of winning.

In both instances, Ivey was unsuccessful in his court challenges (both first and appeals); however, in the second instance, an appeals court set up a mediation that resulted in a compromise between Ivey and the casino.

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Lvey’s Poker Strategy

As per Ivey, the key to mastery in Poker is patience & consistency. He says that emotions can impact your game on the poker table hence key to maintain a balance between emotions and logic and play rationally. 

Ivey believes that calculated risks are essential in gameplay. You need to assess the risk, study the game, estimate the opponent, and decide whether to hold ’em or fold. In an interview, Ivey said,” You’ve got to take some chances and know when you’re beaten and know how to get certain advantages.”


1:- What is the age of Phil Ivey?

Phil Ivey is currently 47 years old.

2:- What is the total Net Worth of Phil Ivey as of 2024?

Phil Ivey’s total net worth is estimated around $100 million.

3:- Where does Phil Ivey live now?

Phil Ivey is currently based in Las Vegas.

4:- Who is Phil Ivey married to?

Phil Ivey got married to Lucietta but the couple got divorced in 2009.

5:- Does Phil Ivey have any children?

Phil Ivey’s life as a parent is private and has barely shared any details about having any children.

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