Priyanka Jain Husband Name: Biography, Career, Net Worth and Facts

priyanka jain husband name

Priyanka Jain is a well well-known South Indian actress and model. She is famous for her roles in Kannada and Telugu films. Her performance as Ammulu in the television drama Mouna Raagam was immensely praised by the audience. She was born on 2nd July 1998 in Mumbai. She spent her formative years there instead. She continued her education at Bangalore’s Shri NKS English High School before completing her graduation at Jain College.

In her school days, she had a passion for acting, which paved the way for her future career in the entertainment industry. In 2015 she entered the acting field by making her screen debut in the Tamil movie Rangi Taranga’. 

Priyanka Jain Biography

Priyanka Jain Husband Name

Priyanka Jain is currently unmarried, but she is dating Shiv Kumar who is also an Actor. There were some rumors about her that she dated Prathik for several years. 

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Favorite things of Priyanka Jain 

  • Food – Burger, Pizza and Pani Puri
  • Color – Green 
  • Beverages – Tea 
  • Holiday Destination – London 

Facts about Priyanka Jain 

  • Priyanka Jain is known as an actress and model who works for South Indian movies. She was popular for her TV show Mouna Raagam in 2018.
  • She was born in Mumbai into a middle-class family.Her mother is a beautician by profession and her father is a shop owner. 
  • Priyanka developed a great interest in acting at a very young age.
  • She was also featured in the Kannada movie ‘Chiravada Nenapu’ in 2016. 
  •  She has also been featured in several short films such as You Got Me Girl, Soch/Heer, and Sharadhi Arya Ne Nin Saati. 
  • In 2019, she appeared in the Tamil TV serial Kaatrin Mozhi. 
  • Priyanka Jain was featured in the Telugu movie ‘Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara’ and Yevadu Thakkuva Kaadu in 2019.  
  • She appeared as a contestant in the reality show Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 in 2023. According to media reports she was paid Rs 3 Lakhs per week for the show. 
  • Priyanka Jain runs a YouTube channel with her boyfriend Shiv Kumar. She used to do daily vlogs and create prank videos for her fans. The name of her channel is Never Ending Tales. 
  • In 2023, she went to Tirupati where she shared a video on YouTube after doing the darshan in the Padmavati temple. She was standing outside the temple near the shops when some random guy shouted and asked her the rate of something. She shouted at them and told them that she was an actress, but in the video, she said that it was useless to talk with such people. 

Priyanka Jain Career 

Priyanka M Jain started her career in television in 2017 when she featured in the Star MAA TV show ‘Mouna Raagam’. She played the role of Ammulu which brought her enormous fame and a devoted fan following in the Telugu-speaking regions. She kept broadening her range by playing different varieties of characters on big or small screens. 

Her filmography appearances include prominent cameos in films such as Vinara Sodara Veera Kumara and Evadu Thakkuva Kaadu both in Telugu cinemas that were released in the year 2019. 

Priyanka also demonstrated her character and talent in web series and short films such as Sitara, Soch/Heer, You Got Me Girl, and Sharadhi Arya Ne Nin Saati. 

Priyanka is now producing the Star MAA television series Janaki Kalaganaledu. She has also competed in ‘Neethone Dance’ with Shiv Kumar who has also performed in the TV serial Mouna Raagam. 

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Social Impact and Philanthropy 

Aside from her professional endeavors, she is profoundly committed to contributing back to society. Priyanka Jain supports charitable organizations, healthcare, education, and Environmental sustainability. Her efforts have touched the lives of countless people, demonstrating her belief in the power of collective actions to effective positivity. 

Priyanka Jain’s Net Worth 

Priyanka Jain's Net Worth

Priyanka Jain’s net worth is estimated to be around 5 million dollars, primarily from her work in the field of modeling, dancing, and acting. 

Priyanka Jain Filmography 

Acting has been a passion for Priyanka M Jain from a very young age and she realized her dream when she gained recognition for her portrayal of Ammulu in the TV show Mouna Raagam. Her talent isn’t limited to television as she also appeared in web series and several short films. Priyanka enters into the spotlight of Bigg Boss Telugu season 7, and her journey promises to be fascinating and unforgettable.


Priyanka M Jain is an example of the spirit of a modern leader with a talent for handling social responsibility and making a lasting impact on society. Her journey can be an inspiration for every teenager who wants to be an actor/actress. As she continues to evolve and inspire, Priyanka can be a role model aspiring professional and changemaker worldwide. She is guided by principles of resilience, integrity, and empathy. Her journey is a testament to the transformative energy of hard work and dedication. 


1. What was the purpose of Priyanka M Jain’s YouTube Channel ‘Never Ending Stories’?

Priyanka M Jain created this channel to provide a platform to connect with her fans in a personal and unique way. 

2. Is there any Speculation about Priyanka M Jain’s future television appearances?

Yes, there are some rumors that Priyanka M Jain might participate in the upcoming season of Bigg Boss 7 Telugu. 

3. When did Priyanka M Jain launch her YouTube channel?

Priyanka M Jain launched her YouTube channel in the year 2021 which was named Never Ending Stories. 

4. How old is Priyanka M Jain?

Priyanka M Jain was born on 2nd July 2022, making her 26 years old as of 2024.  

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