Soni Karki: Husband Name, Biography, Age, Height, & Net Worth

Soni Karki Husband Name

Superstar Instagram influencers are well-known both on and off the field. They might work with other influencers and celebrities, attend private parties, and win prizes. In general, creating a strong personal brand, gaining a devoted fan base, and using that influence to open doors leave an impact necessary to becoming a superstar Instagram influencer. In this article, we will share you information about Soni Karki Husband Name and other parameaters She started as a model before pursuing an acting career on Instagram and TikTok on social media. The famous influencer and Soni Karki’s TikTok name is Pooja. 

Who is Soni Karki?

On March 16, 1994, Soni Karki was born in Pune, Mumbai, India. She will turn 27 in July 2021. Indian TikTok superstar Soni Karki is well-known for her quick dance and lip-sync videos. She has millions of followers on various social media sites and a large following in India. Miss Pooja’s hit song provided a foundation for one of her first-maintained TikToks.

Soni Karki’s husband name is Aman Khonjapuri’s. Instagram Star is the more common name for Aman Khonjapuri. 

Impact and Influence These influencers have an immense say in what their followers buy, how they live, and even what trends society follows. They frequently advocate for causes and promote good change using their platform.

What is Soni Karki husband name?

Soni Karki husband name is Aman Khonjapuri. Instagram Star is the more common name for Aman Khonjapuri. Aman Khonjapuri’s biography and wiki. Mumbai, Maharashtra, was the place of Aman Khonjapuri’s 1996 birth and the best couple on social media. Soni Karki’s influencers for TikTok and Aman Khonjapuri. Both are talented and make videos, reels, and shorts. The best couple in Social Media and society are also loved by both couples.  

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Soni Karki’s Biography

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A Few Unknown Facts Regarding Soni Karki

  • She has more than 867k Instagram followers.
  • She loves dogs.
  • On her right wrist, she has a tattoo of the name “Krishna,” which stands for Lord Krishna.
  • 336 posts have been made by her on Instagram.
  • Soni Karki is a simple yet adorable girl with millions of fans across various Social Media networks.
  • She honors and believes in Shiva, the god.

Interesting FACTS  about Soni Karki 

  • She enjoys pizza and street food as well.
  • She enjoys dancing at parties and romantic music.
  • Soni Karki is a keen cartoon watcher.
  • She adores chocolate food and drinks.
  • She enjoys shoe collections and clothes.
  • She is an excellent swimmer.
  • She enjoys going to parties.
  • She adores working out.
  • She enjoys eating street food a lot.

Dislikes of Soni Karki 

  • She has no interest in smoking or drinking.
  • Soni Karki is not a big fan of yoga.
  • Soni Karki is not a fan of running.
  • She hates lying in all its forms.
  • Soni Karki has no taste for dirt.
  • She dislikes drinking alcohol. 

TikTok and Instagram are famous for Soni Karki.

Soni Karki is a well-known figure on TikTok. Sonikarki_03 is his TikTok handle. On TikTok, she has 159.6 million likes and more than 5.8 million followers. Soni Karki, sporting a remarkable expression on his face, creates brief lip-sync films. Instagram followers can like and love Soni Karki.

The net worth of Soni Karki

The net worth of Soni Karki is 15 lakh. I don’t have specific information on an Instagram influencer named Soni Karki or their net worth. Net worth can vary widely among influencers based on factors such as their followers, engagement rate, brand partnerships, endorsements, and other income streams.

If Soni Karki had gained prominence in the influencer space after 2022, I wouldn’t have that information. It’s possible to estimate an influencer’s net worth based on factors like their follower count, engagement rate, and types of brand partnerships they have, but without specific data on Soni Karki, it would be special.

The controversy over Soni Karki

I don’t currently have any knowledge regarding controversies surrounding Soni Karki as of January 2022, when I last updated. Any controversy surrounding this individual might have happened after that point or might not have drawn much notice from the media. Feel free to ask me more questions, or let me know if there is anything else I can do any help!


1. What car does Soni Karki have?

Soni Karki Car Collection includes this Bolero.

2. What is Soni Karki’s father’s name?

Information about Soni Karki’s father is not available on the internet. 

3. What is Soni Karki’s mother’s name?

Soni Karki’s mother’s name is Mamta.

4. What is Soni Karki’s brother’s name?

Soni Karki’s brother’s name is Kunal.

5. What is the real Instagram ID of Soni Karki?

 The real Instagram ID for @sonikarki03

6. How many followers are on Instagram?

Instagram followers are 4 million. 

7. How many followers are on Instagram?

Instagram followers are 166.

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