What is PNPCODA – Know Everything about PNPCODA Features and Strength

What is PNPCODA - Know Everything about PNPCODA Features and Strength

A network automation tool called PNP CODA is intended to make network configuration easier and do away with the necessity for manual network configuration. Released in 2019, the PNP CODA is a product of Cisco Systems, Inc. PNP stands for Plug-and-Play, which indicates that with little to no assistance from the user, the PNP CODA can configure network devices automatically.

Let us start by learning the PNPCODA terminology. There are two distinct words that can be formed from the word. The initials PNP and CODA stand for the Philippines National Police. It is known as Pambansang Pulisya ng Pilipinas in their colloquial language, Filipino. On the other hand, the latter refers to vaccinating the public against COVID-19. The latter was also the first two in PNP CODA of “Covid19 Data”.

What is PNP CODA?

PNP CODA is an organization supported by the Philippine government. It is a group that effectively administered the COVID-19 pandemic and has a website where one can track the rates of National Covid virus cases. PNPCODA has thousands of official members. The website is also used to monitor the status of vaccinations for the citizens. To put it briefly, the website is used to obtain any kind of information about the COVID-19 epidemic.

The survival of the human species has been jeopardized ever since the Covid-19 pandemic extended its contagious tentacles over the earth. Numerous creative strategies have been developed to combat the coronavirus. One of the most popular solutions is to visit websites maintained by help organizations. These websites and online portals fulfill the need to disseminate the necessary information to a larger population in the nation. One such website that was created in the Philippines is PNPCODA.

Objectives of PNPCODA

Simplifying the network configuration procedure and lowering the time and effort needed to configure network devices are the main objectives of the PNP CODA. A potent tool for automating the configuration of several kinds of network devices, such as switches, routers, access points, and firewalls, is the PNP CODA.

The Philippines’ economy used to be mostly dependent on tourism and agriculture. Following the impact of COVID-19, the country’s economy has been declining due to travel restrictions and a decline in import and export trade. Numerous people lost their jobs as a result of the worldwide inflation that coincided with the outbreak. PNPCODA appeared to be the Philippines government’s one-stop shop because it employed a large number of law enforcement officers and other service industry workers. The Philippines’ economy began to shift gradually from one that was centered on agriculture to one that was more service-oriented. There are more than 26,000 officials employed at PNPCODA.

The person’s medical problems will be the main topic of discussion. Any allergies they may have and any procedures they may have had to disclose. However, any urgent medical situation they may be experiencing.

The next stage would be to present the various documents that will be required to demonstrate Philippine citizenship. The website would ask people to provide scanned photocopies of their documentation if they are just visiting the nation, a student, or someone who works there.
Once the registration form has been fully completed, users can access the pnpcoda.net website by logging in.

By tapping the “generate QR code” link beneath the pnpcoda login, users of this website can also look up the details of a civilian or member of the PNP.

Another reason is that vaccine research began to move at an alarming pace after the COVID-19 pandemic claimed millions of lives worldwide. In less than a year and a half, vaccines to prevent this fatal virus began to surface on the market. However, there were rumors that the vaccines for such a deadly virus could not have been developed so quickly. Some individuals, instead of helping the situation, contributed to its worsening by spreading the belief that these vaccinations are illegal and part of the administration’s money-making scheme. People who heard these allegations began to believe some of the truth, and many chose not to get vaccinated.

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Features of PNP CODA

The PNP CODA is a great tool for network automation because of its many main features. Among these characteristics are:

  • Zero-touch provisioning: The PNP CODA is capable of automatically provisioning and configuring network devices without the need for human participation. 
  • Device discovery: Even in cases where a network device is not equipped with an IP address, the PNP CODA is nevertheless capable of locating and identifying it.
    Automated configuration: Switches, routers, access points, firewalls, and other network device types can all have their configurations automatically done by the PNP CODA.
  • Centralized administration: Network administrators may oversee and control the network configuration process from one place thanks to the PNP CODA’s centralized management interface. 
  • Security: During configuration, sensitive data can be encrypted using the PNP CODA, which is built with security in mind.

How PNP CODA Works

The Cisco Network Plug and Play (PNP) protocol is used by the PNP CODA to automatically configure network devices. Without the need for human intervention, network devices can automatically find and provision network resources thanks to the standardized PNP protocol.
You must have a PNP server set up on the network in order to use the PNP CODA. Network device configuration management and automation are under the purview of the PNP server. Your network devices can be connected to the network once the PNP server is installed, and the PNP CODA will find and setup them automatically.

Strengths of PNP CODA

The PNP CODA is a great tool for network automation because of its many advantages. Lets look at that below-

  • Time and money savings: The PNP CODA may save network administrators a significant amount of time and effort by automating the configuration process.
  • Easy to use: The PNP CODA may be used without the requirement for specialized knowledge or training. 
  •  Scalability: The PNP CODA can handle large networks, making it an ideal choice for enterprise-level networks. 

Weaknesses of PNP CODA 

However, the PNP CODA also has some weaknesses, such as:

  • Restricted device support: The PNP CODA is incompatible with devices made by other vendors and only works with Cisco network equipment.
  • Network complexity: Networks with several VLANs or subnets may be too complicated for the PNP CODA to handle.

People in the Philippines were made aware of the immunizations with the assistance of PNPCODA. Approximately 22,000 police officers went door-to-door to physically preach the importance of vaccinations. On the website, one could find the locations of COVID-19 resources as well as logistical information about those who had vaccinations and those who were infected with the virus nationally. The government’s assistance and the unwavering work of all those in charge of any COVID-related aid made it possible to realize the potential for administrative success in the country.


In conclusion, despite the difficulties caused by the COVID-19 epidemic, PNPCODA’s rise to prominence as an employer in the Philippines highlights the nation’s transition to a service-oriented economy. With over 26,000 employees, PNPCODA is a symbol of both a larger trend toward diversification away from conventional industries like tourism and agriculture as well as a calculated investment in public safety and law enforcement. PNPCODA’s position emphasizes the significance of investing in service sectors to promote development, generate job opportunities, and strengthen resilience against external shocks as the Philippines navigates this economic transformation. Going forward, maintaining economic recovery and promoting equitable development in the Philippines would require ongoing support for PNPCODA and the service sector as a whole.

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