Isha Malviya Biography, Husband Name, and Net Worth

Isha Malviya is a famous model, social media influencer, and young actress from India. Pop culture star Isha Malviya. She made headlines by acting as Jasmin on “Udaariyaan,”  a love-bird drama that features Priyanka Chaudhary and Ankit Gupta. Coming from a poor or middle-class background, she struggled through life challenges and found herself famous on Instagram, where many people visited her account now and then. To manage these several types of situations well, Isha Malviya needed to work extremely hard and forego her enjoyment so that someday she could switch from a middle social life level to an upmarket one. Generally speaking, Isha is quite concerned about her well-being, as she ensures that she stays in good shape all the time.

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Who is Isha Malviya ? 

Who is Isha Malviya ? 

On 2 November, in the year 2003, a girl by the name of Isha Malviya entered this world at Hoshangabad, a small town in Madhya Pradesh. The kind of culture and tradition she comes from is a good one related to Hinduism. Mamta is the name of her mother while Ashish Malviya happens to be her father, a person renowned for being a civil servant. Regarding his siblings, he is not available. Isha does not have a husband. She hasn’t been in the company of men lately; therefore, she remains single. Her schooling was completed at NMV College, Hoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh, including Contai Model Institution in MP. Isha Malviya’s husband name is not known but Isha Malviya talks about dialing ex-boyfriend Samarth Jurel. Also in MP State, she is recognizable by having a well-developed type of body structure, besides possessing tantalizing brown eyes complemented with smooth, shiny, black locks.

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Isha Malviya Biography 

Full NameIsha Malviya
Date of Birth2 November 2003
SchoolContai Model Institution, Madhya Pradesh
ProfessionActress, model, and influencer
HometownHoshangabad, Madhya Pradesh
Zodiac signScorpio
Father Ashish Malviya
Height165 cm
Weight55 Kg 
Eye ColourBrown
Hair ColourBrown
Boyfriend Abhishek Kumar, Samarth Jurel

Isha Malviya Husband Name  

Isha Malviya Husband Name  

Isha Malviya husband name is not known, Currently, she is unmarried but  Isha Malviya talks about dialing ex-boyfriend Samarth Jurel after their breakup to ensure he was fine; she quips, “It was just me being genuinely concerned.” Feeling shame and heartbreak following her split from Samarth, Isha Malviya confessed to having ‘nil dignity. Her current boyfriend is Abhishek Kumar, and they are a lovely couple in the industry.

Career of Isha Malviya

She started modeling at age 13 and was Miss Madhya Pradesh in 2017. The following year saw her win several titles, such as Shaan of Madhya Pradesh (2018), where she emerged in second place in 2019. She has appeared in various music videos in Hindi and Punjab. Isha Malviya commenced her professional activities as a dancer when she was just six years old. She was simultaneously taking part in contests such as Patrika Dance ke Superstar and trying out for programs like Dance Deewane, Dance India Dance, and DID Little Champs, among others.

One of the contestants of the seventeen seasons of Bigg Boss, theoretically in which she came back three times, is Mallavika Sundar; unfortunately, she had to stop at number seven because she was the youngest boss lady ever at 18 from 2023 to 2024. In season 16, she was referred, but attributable to unavoidable circumstances, she couldn’t make it happen for the first time since being a captain in all previous seasons, where all the contestants are adults, but sometimes occasionally there were teens like Malavika. The age limit is usually lowered, but Malviya disagrees with this rule. Even though she completed the task, she believes it was too hard for a teenager to undertake and win, including all the responsibilities of being responsible for others at such a tender age by imposing a fine.

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Awards & Achievements of Isha Malviya

Year Awards 
2018Miss Teen Icon India, Bhopal 
2018Miss Teen India Worldwide
2020Jiske Liye by B Praak
2021Tu Milya by Sohil Khan 
2021Bomb by Musik Star 
2024Dadasaheb Phalke Indian Television Awards
2024The Global Excellence Awards
2024International Iconic Awards
2024Mumbai Achievers Awards
2024Dadasaheb Phalke Icon Awards

Isha Malviya Net Worth 

Isha Malviya’s net worth is INR 6–9 crore, as estimated in 2024. According to various online sources, Money made from music videos, reality TV appearances, and roles in films, as well as brand endorsements, accounts for part of this. However, Isha is not contentedly reliant only on the entertainment industry because she also ventured into online entrepreneurship and plowed money into the fashion business so that her lifestyle is appreciated in terms of contributions from different quarters.

Interesting Facts about the Isha Malviya

  1. Isha Malviya has started YouTube channels for her creativity through fashion blogging.
  2. She first preferred the Rajasthani food.
  3. She exhibits her musical talents and comedy sketches on YouTube. 
  4. She was famous for her Social media accounts on Instagram and for creating videos and reels.
  5. Isha Malviya is a dancer; she has always won dance competitions in any competition. 
  6. She peaked in the third position on the reality show Dance of the Student. Boogie Woogie.
  7. With 1.4 million fans on Instagram, she is popular because of her charismatic nature on the platform.
  8. On social media platforms, she’s engaging and interactive.

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Controversy over the Isha Malviya 

In an unexpected twist of events on Bigg Boss 17, contestant Isha Malviya drew the ire of viewers and even her parents because of a path full of challenges and controversies. A story began to unfold after a new housemate, Samarth Jurel joined the show as a wild-card player, and he immediately fell in love with her, leaving everyone surprised. Despite having personal feelings for each other, they denied being in a relationship by stating that this was just pure friendship. Thus, Abhishek Kumar II, who was also one of them, felt bitter and disappointed, leading him into tears for long hours.

Widespread anger was incited among viewers following a widely circulated video clip showing Isha engaging in physical contact with Samarth, which led to a boiling point in the situation. Isha’s mother expressed huge disappointment over his daughter’s conduct, while even Lokesh Bhathaa, her once-mother, confirmed that their family was equally disturbed by such behavior. “She also intimated with me,” Bhathaa went on, disclosing that I felt some disgust at Samarth being closer to Isha than expected after all they had seen before he came on stage.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1:- What happened between Isha and Abhishek?

Ans:- Isha Malviya used to be in a happy relationship with Abhishek Kumar before they parted because she said that he beat her up.

Q2:- What are Isha Malviya’s monthly earnings?

Ans:– Isha Malviya’s monthly earnings are more than 10 lakh.

Q3:- At what age did Isha Malviya’s career begin?

Ans:- Isha Malviya started working as a dancer when she was just six years old. Apart from joining contests such as Patrika Dance ke Superstar, she tried out for shows like Dance Deewane, Dance India Dance, and DID Little Champs, among others.

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