Nagma A Morarji (Nagma Actress) Wiki, Biography, Husband Name, Age and More

Nagma A Morarji (Nagma Actress) Wiki, Biography, Husband Name, Age and More

Many know Nanda Morarji as Nagma, a versatile actress of Indian descent who has gained fame in Bollywood, Tollywood, and Kollywood. Nagma was christened Nandita by her Hindu father, the late textile baron Sri Arvind Pratapsinh Morarji, and her Muslim mother Seema Sadhana on December 25th., Christmas day. 

Who is Nagma?

Arvind Morarji also known as Nandita Arvind Morarji; born on 25 December 1974 is an Indian politician as well as a former actress who was renowned as a lead actress during the nineties while making her Hindi cinema premiere in 1990 through the movie named Baaghi starring Salman Khan. This was among the top seven highest-grossing films at that time. For instance, Bollywood blockbusters such as Gharana Mogudu(1992), King Uncle(1993), Suhaag(1994), Kadhalan(1994), Baashha(1995), and Lal Baadshah(1999) have always had one thing in common: they all featured her. 

What is Nagma’s Husband Name/boyfriend’s name?

Nagma has been unmarried since she quit her film career to venture into full-time politics back in 2004. Nagma’s love life has been the topic of hot gossip sizzled with controversy. Nagma’s involvement with three married men is not hidden from the public eye. 

On being asked about marriage, Nagma declared “I have no intention of never getting married. I have a desire to get married and live with a family and children.”

Nagma’s Biography

Nagma’s Past Relationship:

Nagma and Sourav Ganguly 

Sourav Ganguly was in a serious relationship with Nagma in 2001, but he always hid it. He was a married man and captain of the Indian cricketing team. Ganguly was the Former president of the Board of Control for Cricket in India. There were rumours of them getting married in a temple quietly in Andhra Pradesh which the two denied. While they were having a serious affair with each other, they went their separate ways unexpectedly.

People used to criticize Nagma whenever India lost in any match alleging that she was responsible for disturbing Sourav’s mind. Talking about the affair formerly, Nagma said that too much criticism about the player’s poor performance in matches destroyed their relationship, causing them to part ways. She immediately focused on her acting career in the Southern part of India where she met with a man who came into her life to replace Ganguly.   

Nagma and Sharath Kumar

Again, Nagma fell in love with a married man, Sharath Kumar, a South Indian actor and MP. As the affair kicked off, it was controversial, and things did not end on a good note for MP Sharath Kumar. His wife left him as soon as she came to know about his affair with Nagma. Unexpectedly, Nagma too bid farewell to the actor who soon started giving her death threats. This prompted Nagma to leave the South Indian film industry and start a new chapter in life.  

Nagma and Ravi Kishan 

Having said goodbye to South Indian films, Nagma chose Mumbai to try her luck in Bhojpuri movies. She was cast in several films alongside Bhojpuri superstar Ravi Kishan. This time too she fell in love with a married man Ravi Kishan but the only difference was that Ravi’s wife accepted their illegitimate relationship. However, Nagma never agreed that they were dating. Their relationship was covered in the headlines and Kishan stated in a very confessional manner in an interview where he said that his relationship with Nagma is known to his family and friends. Kishan’s wife had not only come to terms with his relationship with Nagma but also been kind enough to still accept him. He confidently aired that he is not the first not the last married man to be close to another woman. He also added that Nagma is well aware of the fact that he would not leave his wife and children for her. Moreover, Nagma and his wife enjoy cooking together. However, Ravi and Nagma called it quits after he realized the depth of his love for his wife after participating in the first season of Big Boss. 

Nagma and Manoj Tiwari 

After dating Ravi Kishen for so long, Nagma decided to move on with her life and engaged in a fling with another actor from the Bhojpuri film production world; Manoj Tiwari; who happened to be Ravi’s arch-rival in this field. This is why she chose Manoj; she knew that it would hurt Ravi more than anything else. The two actors always denied their link-up news and in one of the interviews, she dismissed it as a rumour. 

Nagma was also connected to cricketer Khiche Khan although the rumors did not last long. She talked about these unsuccessful relationships by saying that she has had her heart broken many times but has dealt with them. Also, she does not hold any bitterness. In 2007, the actress converted to Christianity. 

Nagma Movie List 

Which are the latest movies of Nagma? 

Nagma is an actor turned politician. In 2006, she campaigned for the Indian National Congress (INC) from Andhra Pradesh. There are no upcoming movies of Nagma- she can be seen contributing actively to politics. 

Net worth of Nagma 

Nagma’s Net Worth is 10 million as per a 2024 source. 

Controversies involving Nagma 

Jamiruddin Ansari, also known as Jumbo, a suspect in the underworld-gutkha nexus case who was interrogated on February 14 by the Mumbai Police, alleged that he had previously paid Rupees 10 lacs to Nagma at her residence in Bandra on the instructions of Anees Ibrahim, a Karachi-based underworld racketeer and half-brother of fugitive underworld don Dawood. He revealed that Nagma was the mistress of Anees Ibrahim and he carried out a hawala transaction. 

FAQs about Nagma: 

Q: What party did Nagma join?

A: Nagma joined the Indian National Congress as she liked the party’s liberal views and was particularly impressed by Rajiv Gandhi. She campaigned for INC Andhra Pradesh polls in 2006. In 2014, Nagma contested but lost the seat in Meerut, Uttar Pradesh. 

Q: How is Jyothika related to Nagma?

A: Nagma is the half-sister of Jyothika. Jyothika was born to Seema Sadanah, originally Shama Kazi, and Chander Sadanah. 

Q: Is Nagma converted? 

A: In 2007, Nagma converted to Christianity. The actress was born to Arvind Morarji, a Hindu father, and Shama Kazi, a Muslim mother. 

Q: How many awards has Nagma won? 

A: Nagma has won 2 awards namely the Filmfare Awards South, and the Bhojpuri Film Awards. 

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